Meet our Team!

Ever wondered about our Emerald Ink & Stitches family? You can find all of that here! 

Steve Riley - Owner

Steve Riley started Emerald Ink and Stitches in 2003 and it has been all uphill for the last 20 years! He oversees every single thing we do here at "EIS" and still has time to volunteer in the community and own three other businesses. He is the definition of an entrepreneur and is constantly looking to make improvements wherever he goes!

Brad Turner - General Manager

Brad Turner began at EIS in October 2016 and is what you'd call a 'jack of all trades'. He knows everything about every aspect of our business and makes sure that every order goes out perfectly. He manages accounts, production, sales, technology, and retail. He is our go-to guy for everything that needs to be fixed.

Lindsey Turner - Director of Sales

Lindsey Turner has been with EIS since July of 2016 and is our sales(WO)man extraordinaire. She may have started officially in 2016 but she was helping out EIS at the young age of 12. You could say this business is in her blood. She can find any product on the market for any company and loves providing full services to her clients. She is constantly on the lookout for all things new and exciting.

Dana Riley - Accounts Manager

Dana Riley began at EIS in August of 2019 and is our accounting pro! She handles all billing and invoicing, etc. Along with all her accounting duties, she is the one who keeps Steve focused in his many ventures.

Moe Middleton - Sales Representative

Moe Middleton started with EIS in May of 2021 and has been a valuable asset every day since then. She handles all walk-in customers with custom orders and she's who you'd talk to when you call us. Chances are, if you have called us in the last 2 years, she's who you talked to. She can tell you anything you need to know about all things Apparel.

Jess Pinson - Retail Manager

Jess Pinson began at EIS in 2021 and started in embroidery. Retail being her background, when EIS wanted to branch out into a retail store, we brought her on to open the storefront that would later be called Emerald Trading Co. She manages everything from our retail store and still handles embroidery and heat pressing on occasion. Follow EmeraldTradingCoSC on Instagram and Facebook and visit our website at!